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Affording a Private Education

  • Scholarships and financial aid make attending possible
  • Saint Martin’s awards over $20 million in gift aid and scholarships each year
  • Stop by our Financial Aid office for personal help at any time
  • Over $1.3 Million was raised for student scholarships at the University Gala


I'm able to afford St. Martin's because of the scholarships I was given at admittance. I was given the Chancellor's scholarship as well as the Benedictine Institute scholarship.

St. Martin's assisted me by actually seeking me out for the position that I have working on campus to help offset my tuition. They have a great financial office as well-- that's super helpful. And they're really great about working hard to help find scholarships and help find any opportunity to help offset that cost.

But attending St. Martin's is worth the effort because not only is it a small school-- so that means that my experience here is a lot more intimate with my professors. But it means that I get to have real conversations with people through the process of applying, so my questions have real answers. I don't get an email response back instead. So a lot more intimate and personal experience.

Well, the St. Martin's gala is a fundraiser that's done every year. So people buy tickets-- alumni, faculty, and then students volunteer at this event. The value in being given these scholarships is that these are people that believe in you and truly want to see you succeed. And to be given that is an extreme honor and to be able to move forward with your education and come from a place where you maybe didn't have the opportunity to do that is something I take extremely to heart. And I want to make sure that I do everything I can with the education I receive.


Get to Know Saint Martin's