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STEM at Saint Martin's

  • STEM students receive one-on-one support from faculty, including the opportunity for research at the undergraduate level
  • Students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment
  • Our engineering programs are ABET accredited
  • Students participate in competitions against other universities, and recently won the national Big Beam competition in 2018


The STEM program is great here. Math majors have so many great teachers here, and Engineering even have a whole new building for Engineers.

The biggest thing is the time we get with our instructors. Like, the one on one attention that we're receiving is a really personalized education. You're working with them every day of the week. These are people with PhDs.

One of my teachers, he works for Bill Gates. And he comes here part time and teaches us, which is awesome.

The very first semester here at St. Martins, I got to be involved in research immediately right off the bat.

We also go for competition. The last time we went to Boise, Idaho. It was awesome. We made our own concrete canoe. We got to put it on display, and we got first place on canoe race.

The laboratories we have here in the STEM program are second to none. They really provide me a platform to continue my education and excel into the field of biology, or in other fields that STEM majors partake in. Having a STEM program rooted in the liberal arts education really makes for a well-rounded student, I think. And somebody that's going to go out and be a global citizen, and be able to be an entrepreneur for the values of St Martins.

Get to Know Saint Martin's