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  • Rooted in our Catholic, Benedictine values Saint Martin’s is open and welcoming to people of all faiths, backgrounds, and traditions
  • There are over 24 faiths represented on campus
  • Prayer spaces, an Abbey Church, and Campus Ministry support students’ spiritual needs on campus


The four main Benedictine values of Saint Martin's would be service, faith, community, and reason. That's our backbone of our school. And everything that we do on campus is implementing those values.

So one of the core values for Saint Martin's University is faith. And when we talk about faith, it doesn't necessarily have to be with the Catholic Church. It could be with any faith you identify with, or even no faith at all.

I'm personally not Catholic, but I have definitely enjoyed my time here at Saint Martin's.

So different faiths are supported in practice on campus. We have different prayer spaces that are available all throughout the residence halls, and then we also have an awesome campus ministry office. Our campus ministry director really helps students engage in whatever religious needs they might have. And so if they can't find that on campus, she will find a place in which they can practice their faith elsewhere and give them the resources to do so.

Saint Martin's does have a monastery. And the monastery not only supports the abbey church but also the university.

Father Peter has a series of Papa Pete 'n Popcorn. And so he'll show different movies throughout the semester. He's done a series on exorcism. He'll also do more fun, lighter topics, more like zombie apocalypse and all that. It's a really fun event. It's just nice for him to get more involved with the students.

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