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International Students

  • Saint Martin’s offers an ESL program for entering international students
  • The Office of International Programs and Development will assist with applications, visa paperwork, and housing
  • There are opportunities for Host family experiences, area excursions, and conversation partners
  • Scholarships are available to international students based on academic performance, service, and leadership


After I started my ESL program here, I really liked the community being here. So that's why I ended up studying my master's here.

In the IPD office, they're super helpful. And there's some essays. If you don't understand, you can always call them and ask them what they're really looking for. They will help you.

They offer us host family options. We have some events-- for example, Dragon Boat Festival. Available scholarships vary from $1,000 to $8,000 for international students. It pretty much depends on how successful you are. If your GPA is high enough, you will get the high scholarships.

Like, your teachers-- they don't really judge you where you're from. Most of your friends will not judge you where you're from. And it's just a great way to learn and to make friends.

I definitely have enjoyed my experience here because I didn't feel, like, homesick, you know. I don't feel like I miss my family a lot because St. Martin's community was kind of family.


Get to Know Saint Martin's