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Dear Future Saint

Dear future Saints, I could share with you all the things that make St. Martin's so great. Our small class sizes, our beautiful campus, our ideal Pacific Northwest location. But St. Martin's is so much more than that.

You see there's this spirit that lives beyond these hallways and classroom doors. It's outside these red brick buildings. It's down our winding walkways and trails and above our towering evergreens. It's present in all of us, compelling us, challenging us.

To pursue excellence and seek deeper understanding.

To see and change the world at home and beyond.

To connect with my culture, while finding my own voice.

To create meaningful relationships and make a positive difference.

This is why St. Martin's is so special to me and to everyone it touches.

This feeling of compassion and community, welcoming and connecting all who come here.

Dear future Saints, together we will learn, and together we will grow.

And as Saints, together we will live with heart.

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