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Student and Residence Life

  • There are four co-ed residence halls on campus
  • Undergraduate first year students are required to live on campus for the first two years, but may qualify for a waiver if they live within a 30 mile radius, are 21, or have a family
  • Campus Life and Residence Life put on events throughout the year including dances, open mic nights, comedy nights, Halloween in the Halls, concerts, and many more
  • Adult and student staff are on duty 24/7 to assist students


We have four residential buildings. We have Parsons, Spangler, Baran, and Burton apartments. In every building that we have on campus there is some type of community space. You know, there's a flat screen TV, there's an open kitchen, there's a fireplace where students can study. There's also the laundry room. We also have a small exercise room.

There's always an RA on call as well as our Residence Directors are on call. Campus life is organized in the Trautman Union Building, also known as the TUB. And they host comedy nights, they have bingo nights. And they even host the spring fest, which is super fun. So there's, like, carnival games and, like, cotton candy.

Community is probably the biggest value that we try include in everything that we do.

We're very diverse in race and religion and disability or ability. And there's just such a mixture of ideas and backgrounds.

You know, definitely living on campus-- it's definitely helped me meet new students. Especially around the world. On a given night, I'll have my door open you just have different residents walk by. I think having a diverse campus makes for a more inclusive community.


Get to Know Saint Martin's